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ALFIA Slimming Tea

ALFIA Slimming Tea

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This slimming tea, ALFIA slimming tea, natural slimming tea, herbal slimming tea, weight loss tea, weight loss slimming tea adopts herbal weight loss formula in Yunnan and is processed in SPDF approved GMP factory. Aiming to fast weight loss. Weight loss slimming tea can block fat absorption and eliminate adipose tissue subcutaneous, as to get rid of swollen body with very good-taste. Furthermore, Beauty slimming tea is easy-to-take and fit for all kinds of obesity people.



  • 100% natural and herbal
  • Easy-to-take and powerful
  • Chinese traditional tea help for defecation
  • Good taste and fast effect


Amazing Effects:

1. Super Clean the body fat and oil, destroy the stubborn fat groups and block fat absorption;

2. Eliminate subcutaneous fat obstruction to optimize the lymph flow and to normalize excessive sebum secretions.

3. Smooth the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system

4. Work with a variety of nutrients and vitamins, minerals essence, make your skin firm, smooth and delicate.


[Main Ingredients] Tea, Xian Xian Cao, cassia Seed, Pharmaceutical Rose, Jobstears, Lotus Leaf
[Usage & Dosage] 1time / day, 1bag / time
[Specification]] 2g/bag* 20bags
[Valid Period] 24 months
[Suitable Population] beauty slimming tea is not only for the simply obesity person, but also adapted for permanent fat and habit fat regaining person.
[Suitable Age] From 18 to 60 years old

[Notice] Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women, women during menstruation, cardiovascular disease and stroke patients.


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